В столице появилось новое офисное пространство, которому нет аналогов в Казахстане. Фоторепортаж

В столице появилось новое офисное пространство, которому нет аналогов в Казахстане. Фоторепортаж

Арендовать рабочее место в самом престижном офисном центре Talan Towers теперь может даже небольшая фирма. 22-й этаж в офисной башне отныне – Talan Towers Executive Hub, предоставляющий в аренду обслуживаемые офисы класса «А++», реализованные в концепции клубного формата. Можно сказать, что это – пятизвёздочный коворкинг-центр.

«Создание этого офисного пространства было ответом на многие запросы, которые мы не могли раньше удовлетворить. До создания этого проекта нашими арендаторами могли быть международные корпорации, в которых работают 70-100 и больше сотрудников и офисы которых занимают целые этажи, а это больше 1200 квадратных метров. Открыв Talan Towers Executive Hub, мы имеем теперь полную продуктовую линейку, ведь здесь теперь сможет работать даже компания, состоящая из одного человека», – рассказывает Лукаш Сковроньски, генеральный директор Global Development.


Timur Nezamudinov

Leasing Manager

Timur graduated from American University of Cyprus with bachelor’s degree in Hospitality Management and MBA in Marketing field.

With previous strong commercial experience within Worldwide chain such as Marriott and Hilton and demonstrated history of success stories & financial results in hospitality, he joined Global Development in 2021.

Mainly, Timur responsible for all interactions with clients within Astana market including commercial and operational aspects. Implementing company’s strategies and objectives, he aims to accelerate business development and customers satisfaction growth.

Assem Bekenova

Leasing Manager

Assem has a bachelor’s degree from Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, majoring in Regional Studies, as well as a diploma from the University of Duisburg-Essen.

Assem is responsible for communication with tenants on lease issues, the administrative management and day-to-day running of the facilities, communication with existing tenants, and support for the entire process of leasing offices.

Assem’s tasks also include supervising changes in the commercial terms stipulated in the lease agreements.

Tatyana  Shimalina

Senior Leasing Manager

Tatyana holds a postgraduate qualification in Expertise and Real Estate Management, having originally graduated in engineering from the Kyrgyz-Russian Slavic University.

Tatiana started her career at Global Development in 2011 as an intern and has been a key member of the firm since then in a career totaling 12 years.

Tatyana’s main responsibilities include attracting new clients while supporting existing ones, establishing excellent relations with tenants and partners, and organizing and maintaining a comfortable business-orientated atmosphere in the company’s business centers.

Elmira Zhapakova

Financial Director

Elmira is a graduate of KIMEP, holding a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Accounting. He also holds a diploma of International Financial Reporting (DipIFR), a certificate of a professional accountant, and is an ACCA student.

More than 4 years of experience at Big Four — KPMG. Elmira has been working in the Verny Capital group for 10 years.

She leads the function of initial financing management, cash and working capital management, planning and accounting, as well as the creation of management bodies, raising funding for both credit and sponsorship for various projects of the Group. Moreover, she has successfully launched a several real estate project of Verny Capital.

Elmira’s experience includes playing an important role in major projects undertaken by the parent company, Verny Capital, such as the renovation of the Botanical Gardens (under the guidance of Accent Development Solutions). She has also been a key player in overseeing the subsidiary company, Gorky Tennis Park. She was Financial Director at Borovoe Tourism City LLP and Burabay Hotel Management LLP (Rixos Borovoe Hotel), where she successfully managed the initial financing and debt financing.

Lukasz Skowronski

Managing director

Lukasz Skowronski is an experienced Real Estate professional with international expertise in commercial and private equity sectors. He has worked for major companies in Central and Southeastern Europe & Central Asia. With a master’s degree in economics specializing in Real Estate Management & Investment, Lukasz excels in executive leadership, asset/portfolio/property management, corporate real estate, and sales of investment properties.

Since joining Global Development as Commercial Director in 2012, Lukasz has strategically managed the property portfolio, spearheaded investments, and led PR & marketing efforts. Recognized for his contributions, he was promoted to Managing Director in July 2015.

Lukasz’s achievements include memberships in industry organizations, such as the Fellowship status of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (FRICS) and the CPM® (Certified Property Manager®) designation from IREM (Institute of Real Estate Management, Chicago).